About AAIT

We specialize in modernizing and further developing electric and electronic installations in railway vehicles, infrastructure and the mechanical engineering.

Our competence - “Everything under one roof”
  • Planning and execution of compliant solutions and system concepts - From concept to approval
  • Development and delivery of (safety-related) switching and control technology
  • Software development and modification of existing software in accordance with EN 50128 / IEC 61508 up to SIL 4

Example projects from the railway vehicle industry
  • Modernisation and upgrading of railway vehicle functions
    - Radio remote control | multiple traction | remote diagnostics | modern driver's cab displays
  • Supplier of monitoring controls (safe standstill, traction cut-off), e.g. also for bidirectional vehicles
  • Integration of automatic train protection systems into railway vehicles (e.g. PZB, ETCS)

Example projects from the railway vehicle industry
  • CE conformity assessment for incomplete machines

Example projects from the mechanical engineering
  • Re-engineering and procurement of spare parts