Infrastructure technology

Railway infrastructure has seen huge changes in recent years. Where just a few years ago mechanical, electromechanical or relay interlockings were used, today electronic interlockings are becoming increasingly more accepted. Of course, the same applies to level crossings and any other areas of infrastructure technology. AAIT has specialized in modernizing infrastructure components.Infrastructure technologyDepending on the need and the application, we apply control systems, sensor technology and actuators from different manufacturers, and we integrate them into or use to replace existing components. Because safety is top priority for public transport systems, we implement functions up to SIL 4 and guarantee you individual and customized solutions. It goes without saying that we observe the currently applicable standards and laws when developing solutions (e.g. VDE regulations, BOStrab (Tram Construction and Operation Ordinance), CENELEC standards, etc.).

We would be happy to provide you with the support you need in any of your application areas of infrastructure technology, such as
  • Level crossing technology
  • Electronic switch controllers
  • Signalling systems
  • etc.