Innovative services in railway technology

The railway industry has seen huge changes in recent years that are definitely still ongoing and of which there is no end in sight. The tasks and the networking of components are becoming more complex, safety and interoperability more pronounced and the verification process is becoming increasingly more expensive. In many cases, it makes sense from an economic point of view to modernize existing railway systems and rolling stock because of operational improvements or technical deficiencies. At the same time, electric and electronic products are discontinued every day, prices for spare parts are increasing or systems suppliers are no longer available.

AAIT has specialized in these challenges as an independent, innovative manufacturer and service provider.

In close cooperation with recognized testing laboratories of the German Federal Railway Authority (EBA) and recognized experts, not only the development process, but also the development result, i.e. the software and hardware concepts, are tested by independent institutes.


  • Exchange, replacement and upgrading of vehicle control systems
  • Integration of automatic train protection systems like ETCS
  • Integration of a radio remote control
  • Integration of push-pull train control and multiple traction control
  • Upgrading from ZMS to WTB interface
  • Upgrading ZMS controllers with a WTB interface
  • Electrical modernisation of rolling stock
  • Integration of PAS/EBO in accordance with NBÜ 2004 (EBO), UIC 541-5 and UIC 541-6
  • Delivery of driver’s cab display
  • Delivery of replacement controllers for discontinued or no longer deliverable control technology

Example projects