Vehicle refurbishments and upgrades

  • Integration of new automatic train protection systems
  • Equipping with a radio remote control
  • Configuration of multiple traction and implementation in collaboration with the vehicle manufacturer
  • Replacement of door controllers in trams and passenger carriages
  • Replacement of all the control technology in locomotives, trams and undergrounds.

Procurement or re-engineering of components / spare parts

  • Power converter control units
  • Power electronics
  • Vehicle control racks
  • Air-conditioning systems


  • Software development (application software, control software, embedded)
  • Development of highly safety-related software
  • Hardware development
  • Planning, configuration and development of entire systems

In collaboration with our customers, we specify new peripheral components and configure the changes in the vehicle, in the control technology and in the existing control units.

We revise design documents and circuit diagrams and procure new control units, if required. For this purpose, we assume responsibility for all software development or changes to existing software for your new system.

The quality of our development work complies with applicable regulations and standards, e.g. for system development in accordance with EN 50126 and EN 50129, software development in accordance with EN 50128, radio remote control in accordance with EN 50239. If the control technology assumes safety-related functions, we also take care of the external expert assessment of the software, as well as of the approval of the vehicle modifications.

We integrate the new system into your vehicle and make adjustments to existing control system installations. Then we conduct the validation. In this respect, depending on the application scenario, we work together with recognized testing laboratories and experts of the German Federal Railway Authority (EBA).

Based on experience, good documentation provides the operator with a very good baseline for future vehicle maintenance. When the vehicle is delivered, you will also receive for
The installation: circuit diagrams, cable diagrams, connection diagrams, parts lists
The new control technology: software description, functional flowcharts, software code, validation reports, expert software assessment
The vehicle: validation reports/test reports, operating instructions, hazard warnings, manuals

Possible project plan:

Installation and assembly work is performed either on site or at an AAIT authorized workshop, depending on your needs.