Controlled safety

AAIT has bundled its expertise in the functions of a railway vehicle into two compact controllers:
  • Safety Control Unit (SCU)
  • Vehicle Control Unit (VCU)

Safety Control Unit

SCUWe have been developing safety-related control technology since 2008. We have bundled the typical railway vehicle safety functions in a compact, flexible controller.
The SCU has been expertly assessed and fully certified in accordance with normal railway standards (SIL 3). Numerous high-performance, field-tested modules and expertly assessed functions are available. At the same time, the systems developed by AAIT can be utilized as either standalone solutions or integrated, complex systems.

Key data:
Hardware 24 V DC, variable number of digital inputs and outputs, analogue inputs, impulse generator inputs.
Protection class: IP20, temperature: TX
SIL Dependent on the function. Maximum SIL 3
Standards EN 50128 (software), EN 50129 (hardware), EN 50155 (ambient conditions)

Vehicle Control Unit

For years we have also bundled the typical railway vehicle functions in a vehicle control system with modern driver’s cab display and control devices.
Typical uses:
  • Complete replacement of an existing vehicle control system, e.g. because electrical components are no longer available.
  • Addition of new functions with no negative impact, e.g. WTB multiple traction.
  • Full modernisation of older vehicles (original equipment).