ETCS integration into "older vehicles"

We are your qualified partner for integrating ETCS on-board equipment. Not just for modern locomotives; we find upgrading older vehicles especially exciting.ETCS

Our services throughout all project phases

  • Feasibility studies and cost estimate
  • Tendering support
  • Specification of all necessary electrical, pneumatic and mechanical conversion measures
  • Preparing and furnishing the vehicle interface with the ETCS on-board equipment
  • Collaboration with leading ETCS systems suppliers for the ETCS on-board equipment
  • Planning, execution and monitoring of the conversion
  • Conversion in our partner workshop or jointly in your workshop
  • Planning and execution of the commissioning, vehicle and track tests
  • Approval processing and delivery of the necessary verifications.
  • Complete project development and collaboration with the approval authorities, experts and expert appraisers, testing laboratories, workshops and suppliers, as well as NoBo, AsBo and DeBo.